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Risk Free Betting

Wouldn't it be nice if we could always predict the winner? Certainly make life a lot easier wouldn't it :). Maybe we can't predict the winner but we can make sure that we come out in profit, how you might ask? Well let me tell you by way of showing what I did recently. Stan James are offering to match your first bet to maximum of £25 freebet. So I signed up and deposited my £25.

I could have a bet as usual knowing that if it loses I will get £25 back and try again but although I like a bet I choose losers more often than I win and anyhow I want it guaranteed risk-free! So my next task is to get the freebet with it costing me as little as possible. We call this the qualifying bet.


My Qualifying Bet

I Backed Fsv Frankfurt in their game against St. Pauli on 12/12/2008, £25 @ odds of 3.0 (2/1) with Stan James. I then went to my betdaq account (who were offering 2% commission) and I laid Fsv Frankfurt for £25.51 @ odds of 2.96 Simple. Total liability zero. Zero Liability, how?

If back bet at Stan James wins we win £50 (£75 - original stake £25) and we lose £50 at betdaq. Liability zero

If our back bet at Stan James loses we lose £25 (our original stake) but win £25 at betdaq. Liability zero

So I won nothing but crucially I lost nothing making this bet zero liability (more often you are likely to make a small loss on the qualifying bet) and received a nice £25 freebet from Stan James. Which I turned into a guaranteed risk free profit.


Risk Free Profit

So the next day, 13/12/2008, I used my £25 freebet courtesy of Stan James to place a bet on Real Madrid in there match against Barcelona, £25 @ 11/2 (6.5). I then went to my Betdaq account again and laid Real Madrid £20.90 @ 6.6 (but got matched at 6.5). Guaranteed profit of £20.48, whatever the outcome of the match. 81.91% retained, very nice.



If Real Madrid won I would have won £137.50 (£25 * 6.5 - £25 original stake as Stan James offer is stake NOT returned) and lose £117.02 at Betdaq = profit £20.48 (If Real Madrid had won I would have made very slightly more as I got matched at 6.5 and not 6.6 that I worked the bet out on).

If Real Madrid lose (as they did) I would lose zero at Stan James (as I used my £25 freebet) but won £20.48 (£20.90 - 2%) at Betdaq = £20.48 profit.

Seems Complicated, then let me make it very simple for you

At first it may seem complicated but fear not, use our risk free calculator to work out all the calculations and if that still seems complicated, jump on MSN or email us and we'll do the calculations for you and find the bets! I will help you all the way.

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